SARTC Meetings

SARTC members convene semiannually during spring and fall. Due to COVID-19, our spring 2020 meeting will be held over teleconference.



Our next SARTC conference will be sponsored by the AIAA Ascend Conference held in Las Vegas, Nevada, November 16-18, 2020


AIAA Year-in-Review

We contribute annually to the special year-end edition of the AIAA Aerospace America Magazine.


Our Mission


The Space Automation and Robotics Committee (SARTC) has interests in technology development, applications, and mission relating to all aspects of space automation and robotics. The committee allows AIAA to be a leader in this technology area by offering a forum for space industry professionals to share the latest developments in space automation and robotics.

SARTC seeks to:

- Maintain technical expertise and provide a technical resource in the area of space automation and robotics within AIAA,

- Organize and facilitate technical interchange meetings,

- Recognize significant contributions to the advancement of the development and application of space automation and robotics through the SAR Award,

- Advance the understanding of space automation and robotics within the technical community by sponsoring conference session, workshops, and technical discussions, and

- Encourage outreach to students, educators and the public and encourage the publication of technical papers, AIAA position papers, public policy support and articles to advocate the need for and value of space automation and robotics.

Executive Team


Our members represent space industry, academia, and government agencies from North America and Europe.

SARTC Membership Meetings

Membership meetings occurs twice a year, full members must attend at least one meeting each year in person. The 2020 spring meeting will be held over teleconference due to the COVID-19 outbreak. We will be providing the details of the teleconference to our membership soon. If you like to become a member, you must be an AIAA member in good standing and have attended two consecutive SARTC meetings in person before you can be voted into SARTC by our current standing members. Our meeting consists of: execution of SARTC business; conference planning; discussions on space robotic standards; nomination and selection of the AIAA Space Automation and Robotics Award; promotion of conferences and student out-reach events; lighting presentations from member organizations; member networking; membership dinner; tour of host facility and space robotics related companies, university laboratories or government agency facilities.


The 2020 SARTC conference will be held within the AIAA Ascend Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, on November 16-18, 2020. Our conference topic is Space Exploration Architecture & Enabling Infrastructure, the main theme is On-orbit Servicing, Assembly, and Manufacturing (OSAM)

AIAA Year-In-Review

The SARTC AIAA Year-In-Review article provides the most important technical breakthroughs, tests and programmatic milestones that took place each year in the field of space automation and robotics. Our members make contribution to the article show-casing their achievements.